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Freeman Movement - All About Us

In brief, the people behind the Freedom Forums here at the Freeman Movement have been around for a long time. However, we have changed our home domain name a few times. Indeed, our early operations hit a raw nerve and they forced us to shut down. Then we we had a place where a few idiots spoiled things for us. However, we consider those times as a decent, if not trying learning curve. All in all, our journey has been a good one and they will never stop our aim to become totally free!

Be that as it may, we have learned to live within the rules of engagement with the parasites. Obviously, our forums and websites have settled down to an acceptable level for years now. Moreover, it is our intention to stay for the long haul now. In fact, our team has the experience to spot problems before they happen and deal with them immediately.

Obviously, the Freeman Movement team all have an interest in freedom and all that it has to offer. Indeed, we exist to help educate others and help them open their eyes to their forced enslavement. The process of educating is slow, but eventually the penny will drop.

We Don't Give Legal Advice

Of course, we do not offer anyone any form of legal advice. This is because, everyone's circumstances are different. Also, we have no time whatsoever to do this. In reality, it is up to the individual to do their own research. Hence, our website! Obviously, we provide the platform and this is where we can pool all our information. Therefore, you can view the Freedom Forums here as an 'information exchange' medium. With this in mind, if you have anything to share with others, join in and post it.

Just to point out that you should not interpret any information on the Freedom Forums as legal advice either. This is because you are fully responsible for all your legal matters at all times. However, once you have won your battle with 'THEM', why not share your experiences with the rest of us. Therefore, this is your invitation to join in and help others fight off the blood-sucking parasites.

So, if you have an interest in the Freeman Movement, Freeman on the Land or Lawful Rebellion, consider joining us. Indeed, make the Freeman Movement your home and post regularly.

Finally, please check out our Privacy Policy here and the Forum Rules here.