In short, the Freedom Forums here at the Freeman Movement need a few rules to help things tick over. This is because we are not really free to do as we wish and say what we want. In other words, they have us by the balls on some occasions. However, we don't intend to have a long list of rules. On the contrary, we have a few main ones with a little forum guidance too.

Rules (strict):

01) Firstly, you are fully responsible for anything you post here at the Freedom Forums on the Freeman Movement Network. Therefore, you must stay lawful and legal if you wish to remain here. Obviously, we will try and moderate where possible. So, don't be angry if your post disappears. However, all your posts will remain your own work and we will not adjust them whatsoever. Generally speaking, think before you post!
02) Secondly, we will not allow anyone to intimidate other members in any way. Also, you must not humiliate other members or make them feel uneasy.
03) You must also not aim your anger towards any individual or groups. Indeed, you must not discriminate against them either.
04) The Freeman Movement Freedom Forum does not allow the posting of porn or extreme images and videos. However, legal adult images are acceptable if you must.
05) Finally, when you join us, you agree to abide by these basic common sense rules. You also agree to stay up to date with any changes to them, should the need arise.

Forum Guidance:

01) Please try and stay on-topic where possible and if necessary start a new topic. In other words, if you wish to digress a little, start a new thread.
02) In general, when you start a new thread, please ensure it has content that people can understand, at least in part. Obviously, don't start a new thread with just a few words.
03) Generally speaking, replies to posts can be as short or as long as you want.

So, there you have it, a few simple common sense rules and guidelines. Of course, some are forced upon us as webmasters. Obviously, stand by them to stop the pigs from paying you a visit. We also hope you appreciate the simplicity here at the Freedom Forum. With this in mind, join us and help to create a forum built around safety and respect.

Finally, please check out our Privacy Policy here and our Terms and Conditions here.