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Coronavirus symptoms and this evil killer

The pharmaceutical companies have it all their own way because they think they can control us with an expensive pill. But, there are other methods of healing the body. So, this forum is for health issues and promoting healthy living.
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Coronavirus symptoms and this evil killer

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Coronavirus symptoms and this evil killer

For the past few weeks we have all been told to stay indoors and only go out for a little exercise or necessary shopping.
This invisible killer has its claws well and truly in us now.

The symptoms seem to be a high temperature together with a dry cough.
It affects the lungs badly this is why there is a demand now for ventilators.
There's many other symptoms like the loss of taste or smell etc.
It can hit you hard, mild or you may net even know you've had it!

Lock yourself away until it's gone because it is indiscriminate.
Whatever you think about how we got this thing to run riot, we will talk about it later.
But for now, protect your family until the crisis is over.

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