Social Media Freedom Connections

Usually, social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, offer a great medium in which to share information. Nowadays though, there are tighter controls. In fact, many believe that we only have a small window of opportunity left. With this in mind, use them while you can to share the freedom… Continue reading

Magna Carta 1215 English Translation

Magna Carta 1215 Full English Translation The Magna Carta was written in 1215 in a language that would make no sense in this day and age. However, there is a modern day English translation, see the details below. Although at the time, this fine document or agreement between the unpopular… Continue reading

David Icke

Conspiracy Theorist In case people have been walking around with blinkers for decades, David Icke is a British writer who dares to speak out against the globalist elite. In effect, David has took on the most powerful people on Earth, head on. With this in mind, he certainly is a… Continue reading

John Harris

John Harris was an influential person within the Freeman-on-the-Land movement in Great Britain. He was also founder of The Peoples United Community. Rest In Peace Sadly, in mid 2015, John Harris took his own life. However, John made such an impact in the Freeman Movement through his commitment, that he… Continue reading

Rob Menard

Rob Menard is a Canadian truth seeker. However, the Freeman Movement is universal as a rule, and is not governed by borders. With this in mind, Rob’s observations, explanations and opinions are worth taking note of and he clearly gets the message over. He is the director of the World… Continue reading

Roger Hayes

Roger Hayes is the founder of The British Constitution Group which is campaigning for the restoration of Britain’s ancient constitution. He is also a former parliamentary candidate of the Referendum Party. In addition, he has been a member of UKIP. Furthermore, European law forced upon the British people, according to… Continue reading

Veronica Of The Chapman Family

Veronica Of The Chapman Family AKA Veronica: Chapman. Veronica Chapman is one of the most influential people in the Freeman Movement. Above all, Veronica has sussed out many of the deceptions in life that we have accepted as the norm.As a result, you will understand how much she has actually… Continue reading