The Society

We all think we are part of THE society, don’t we? In this case, we are referring to the great community at large. So, let us examine what society is and you can decide if you are a member of THE society.

Definition of Society

This is what the definition of a society is according to most dictionaries: the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. It is also a group of people who work and act together with common aims or common purposes. This of course sounds decent enough, but there is a little problem with all that which we shall see later.

The legal dictionaries say this: a society is a number of persons united together by mutual consent, in order to deliberate, determine, and act jointly for some common purpose. Again, there is nothing wrong with this and it all sounds reasonable enough.

What is the society? Are you being cheated by fraudsters?
The same applies when you wish to join of any organisation or association (basically societies), there will be terms and conditions. Indeed, the Freeman Movement here has terms and conditions which you can inspect right now. You read them, and if you and if you decide that you agree with them, you can join.
But you have to sign up for yourself and nobody can sign you up and that’s the point! If you didn’t sign up, then you can’t possibly be a member.

Imagine a situation where it was legal for someone else to sign you up to something. You will not have read the terms and conditions so how will you know what the rules are? You wont, so you will soon find yourself in trouble should you break any of the terms. Now let’s move onto something completely different and there is a reason for this, so bear with us.

Common Law

As a human being, you have the ability to learn, but some of us are a bit slow on the uptake. Therefore, the Common Law is very easy to understand. The Common Law is the only law that you must stand under and it is based on common sense. The Common Law is the Law of the Land. So, the Common Law involves the four following attributes, harm, loss, fraud and breach of the peace – that’s it. Nothing more and nothing less but you really shouldn’t break them.

To make it clear, the Common Law allows human beings to live together and if you break them, you are affecting another human being in a negative way. That makes sense and we all have it in us to stand under the Common Law. After all, we don’t want to hurt or steal from anyone. Likewise, we are not going to breach our promises we make to others or disturb their peace.

When you stand under Common Law, you don’t need to be a member of a society. Indeed, we all have God-given rights. For example, we have the right to protect ourselves from harm or theft. Therefore, Common Law is there to protect all of us.

Admiralty Law

Now, to the nitty-gritty as we are back to the society again. Admiralty Law is anything else outside of the Common Law as we see above. Admiralty Law is the Law of the Sea and it is based around commerce. In all cases, is revolves around MONEY. These types of law come about through legislation that governments invent in order to take money from you.

The acts and statutes that the governments invent are there to control you. Of course, they steal money from you if you dare go against them. Now then, if you are a member of THE society, you must stand under them. But the thing is, you didn’t sign up to THE society. So, why is it that you still stand under their acts and statutes?

The truth is that they assume that you are in THE society. Because we also believe we are a member, we go along with what our masters say. But, Admiralty Law is all about contracts and you must consent to them. So, a statute (legislation) is given the force of law when consented to by the governed.

Their acts and statutes are their legislated rules of the society that you never actually joined! Therefore, none of them apply to you unless you consent to them.

Consent Of The Governed

Because you did not sign up to THE society, ALL their rules of it do not apply to you. Therefore, all the legislation that they invent, do not apply to you without your consent. Indeed, Theresa May told us this before she became the UK Prime Minister.  It’s all about consent – see the video.

They can’t FORCE you to do anything. In fact, nobody can force you to do anything! It’s all about consent of the governed and if you give them your consent, you are giving them the force of law against YOU! They are programming you like a robot. But, who will you run to when they come after you for money when you break their rules?

To Sum Up

The definition of a society is quite clear and nobody can sign you up to one, it needs your consent. Therefore, the rules of the society do not apply to you if you are not a member. For example, do you stand under the rules of a building society if you are not a member? Of course you don’t. Likewise you don’t stand under the rules of any organisation if you didn’t join them. So, now do you still think you are a member of THE society?

Indeed, the key word here is consent. So, you can consent when it suits you or you can decline if it doesn’t, the choice is yours of course.

But, in all cases, take time to consider everything before you open your mouth or sign anything. This is because you can easily consent by accident!

Finally, just to point out yet again that the Freeman Movement never gives legal advice.

Society definition - consent of the governed - signatures
This is whether you think we imply it or not. Indeed, you are completely responsible for all your actions and contractual situations all of the time – do your homework!

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