Police and the Coronavirus lockdown

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Police and the Coronavirus lockdown

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Police and the Coronavirus lockdown

Any copper who stops me during this stupid COVID-19 lockdown will be in for a rough time.
If these public servants think they can rise up and overpower their masters (the public) then they should think again.
This is because quite a few of us know how to deal with this sort of uprising.
I was born free and take orders from nobody unless I am paid to carry them out.

Some policemen and women actually believe they have the right to tell people to "move along" when they are minding their own business in a park :lol:
I have already told a few where to go and they have done so because they know me well and leave me alone.
They come along with the "I am the police, I am the law" attitude then get brought down to earth when they realise they have no authority whatsoever.

Remember that you must keep the police down below you because they are your servant.
If you submit by talking to them or creating some sort of joinder then they will own you.
Don't answer their questions but ask them questions instead.

Has anyone noticed that the government have said that the lockdown guidance are just the rules.
Matt Hancock recently said they are not guidelines now but are instructions :lol:
Rules, guidelines or instructions - have you noticed how these people have stopped short of saying they are orders.

I would love to see if any of these idiots go that little bit further to try and be a right little Hitler, or Chinese dictator :lol:
So, policemen and women, be careful of taking notice of these dictators and remember you have NO authority over the public.
You say from the beginning, "you do not have to say anything ......" and that means at any time so where is your authority?
You have none whatsoever and you know it, but you do love your ego.

All coppers when they are at home are just pussycats to their families and only become monsters when they talk to outsiders.
But once you realise what they actually are, you can keep them under control and turn them from monsters into the pussies that they really are.

Of course it's up to the individual if they want to be pushed around by their servants.
Personally, I take offence at their attitude and act accordingly.
I stick by the law of the land only and not their "rules and guidelines" I know what's right and what's wrong.

PS, yes I practice social distancing, but not because of the Coronavirus!
I keep my distance from people I don't trust for many reasons and I don't need rules or guidance for that.

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Re: Police and the Coronavirus lockdown

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Re: Police and the Coronavirus lockdown

Post by Crab »

This is some sort of social experiment to see just exactly what the public will do when the masters crack their whip.
I don't consent to their stupid rules and never will but I do know some cowards who do.
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Re: Police and the Coronavirus lockdown

Post by Milkman »

I bet some of these coppers go home thinking they are great after breaking up a group of three people :poke:

Copper: "Darling I'm home."
Copper's wife: "Have you had a good day at work dear by catching those nasty criminals who hurt others."
Copper: "Yes, I've stopped some kids from playing football in the park, I broke up two house parties and they were drinking beer as well, the swines. Then there was this old couple I moved on from sitting on a park bench, how very dare they. Finally I stopped a car after it came out of Tesco with some gardening stuff, now to me love, that was a non-essential item so I gave the driver a £30 fine, that will show him who is boss"
Copper's wife: That's what I love about you, you're so masterful.
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