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Blogging Made Easy

Submit your articles to the Freeman Movement Network here. Indeed, we have made the whole process very easy. However, you need to register first. This is because it cuts down the amount of spam posts and it keeps the idiots away. So, submit a post today and help others in need of a little guidance.

To begin with, all you need to do after registering is fill in the form above. We did say it was easy! But, there are a few things we need to highlight.

Just to point out at this stage that we need to approve your first blog post. However, once approved, your post will go live immediately – this is another anti-spam measure.

Submit Your Post to the Freeman Movement - we do permit freedom of speech articles if they are legal!


In order for your post to have an impact on the internet, you should understand a few things. Firstly, small posts with little content are no good. In reality, search engines will not even go near them. Of course without that, nobody will find them except those who search the Freeman Movement website.

So, you need to write a 200 word article, but over 300 words is what you should aim for. Then you need to think through what you have to say. As long as you have some key points, then this will attract the search engines. Thus, your article will become searchable on the internet – simple!

However, please be aware that google doesn’t like duplicate content. Therefore, it is important not to copy and paste articles you find on the web. But, using a sentence or two from elsewhere is acceptable. So, when you submit your blog posts, please ensure they are all your own work and unique.

As long as your article includes relevant content, ie Lawful Rebellion and Freeman-on-the-Land issues, it will be fine. However, the subject of the Freeman Movement is Freedom. So, any relevant articles about freedom is acceptable, no matter what the subject is about. You can also upload up two images with each post if you need to.

Submit A Post

Once you have thought your subject through, you can submit your post. So, now you have two ways in which to get your points over, there is no excuse. Finally, please make yourself familiar with both the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of our freedom network.

Freeman Movement blogging - share your thoughts with freedom at heart

Indeed, anyone can post an article on the Freeman Movement blogs!

Freedom Forum

While the Freeman Movement blogs are more for the longer, in-depth posts, do we have an alternative means of getting your message over. Indeed, this is your invitation to join the Freedom Forum. You can have better social interaction on our message boards with other like-minded people.

Primarily, the main focus is on freedom, and we cover all subject matters. Obviously, Lawful Rebellion and Freeman on the Land issues take centre stage. However, we don’t discriminate. With this in mind, we have a general lounge for everyone to have their say about anything under the sun. So, pop over today and make a post or two.

To Sum Up

You are free to choose what you write anywhere on the Freeman Movement website, within reason. We have the best of both worlds in which to express yourself – Blogs and Forums. Our public platforms are here to help you and others in their quest for freedom. By making a contribution here now, it may help other people in the future.

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