Don’t Be A Sheeple

Don't be a sheeple - these are foolish people led by a controlling power

Don’t be a sheeple just because the government wants you to be one!

What Is A Sheeple?

Of course, the definition of sheeple is foolish people who are easily led by a governing power. Sheeple are usually passive and their lives are controlled by others, of course. In this case, it’s the super rich and the governments around the world who are the controlling power. Moreover, the term sheeple is a derogatory one. So, its not nice to think you could be a sheeple is it? Therefore, its time to wake up, take back control of our lives and don’t be a sheeple.

To begin with, this terrible nightmare we are experiencing is hard to understand. Indeed, its very difficult to put your finger on. But there are some explanations if you care to look for them.

So, let’s have a look at some common things we see daily. For example, many people continue to go through life blindly. Some people hardly ever question anything that is put before them.

From people to sheeple - evolution of man - blind acceptance
Conversely, in the Freeman Movement, we have some well-respected people that are willing to question everything.

Blind Acceptance

Another example of a sheeple is when people watch the television news, they accept everything as it is presented to them. Likewise, the same applies to some people that read the newspapers. But, when you consider that just a handful of individuals own the media, that should set alarm bells ringing.

Similarly, there are only a handful of wealthy people that control everything else. With this in mind, it is clear to see that only a small amount of people have full control over everyone. Obviously we need to challenge this situation.

Are You Free?

Generally speaking, most people think they are free, but they are far from it. People do have a little freedom though. For example, they are free to choose. But, this is little compensation when you consider how much we have become enslaved. People also have to go to work, pay their taxes and never question where their tax is going.

When people borrow cash to buy property or cars etc., they become nothing more than energy units that are willing to slave away their lives to pay back the money. In other words, they tie you up in the cycle of debt which must be paid back with interest.

Sheeple - break free from mass media manipulation - stop the brainwashing
In a democracy, people are also free to vote. However, their governments draw up legislation which binds them to the system and this can work against them. When people vote, they think that the politicians will serve them. But, what exactly do our politicians do for us? On the whole, do they really serve us or are they serving their masters?

In Britain, for instance, politicians must swear an oath of allegiance to The Queen. Indeed, like most other businesses, Her Majesty is a registered corporation. Whose business do you think the politicians are looking after now? Of course, we leave that up to you to decide.

Are You Owned?

The problem is that everything revolves around corporations and money. So, now we come back to the small amount of people who own most of the money. Obviously, these people are the ones ultimately responsible for our enslavement. Our politicians may look like they are serving us, but they are only serving those that have the real control.

Therefore, most people are sheeple, and as such, live in fear of upsetting the masters. In other words, people are slaves to the system, nothing more, nothing less. Which poses the question, are you owned and if so, by who?

Influential People Can Wake You Up

It’s time to wake up and open our eyes obviously. We should also question what is going on and who is controlling who.

In this case, the Freeman Movement has many influential people who are willing to put their heads above the parapet to expose all.

Brainwashing the sheeple - say no to the bullying governments and the mass media

Furthermore, there are many who are scratching the surface of the corrupt corporations like the banks, the courts, the media and the parliamentary system etc. Indeed, their efforts are welcome as they are also helping us to regain our sovereignty.

Obviously, this will give us back far more freedoms that have long disappeared. But, the road is long and will be rocky at times. Obviously, we take off our hats to those who are willing to tackle the tyrants head-on.

Don’t Be A Sheeple

Once people wake up and open their eyes, it becomes apparent that their a lot of deception out there. Indeed, it is abundantly clear that most of us are just fodder for the wealthy corporations – sheeple!

Obviously, we are looking to add more influential people to the list of heroes in the Freeman Movement. With this in mind, if you know of any others and would like to do an article on them, please register and do so or let us know. Above all, don’t be a sheeple and follow the tyrants blindly.

Finally, some sheeple will never wake up. In fact, some are brain dead so don’t waste time on them. Indeed, the dumb sheeple are part of the problem. Keep the faith and live your live to the full, but always remember that the tyrants want your life and money. So, stay close to the Freeman Movement, this is our destiny!

Freedom Forum

The Freeman Movement also has a Freedom Forum for everyone so please join and have your say. In fact, all the subject matters have their own forums. However, our message boards are for everyone, so we have a general off topic lounge too. Obviously, by contributing here at the Freeman Movement in any way, you are doing your bit to help the enslaved.

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