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Generally speaking, The Freeman Movement is committed to the complete elimination of slavery. However, first we need to wake people up to become freethinkers. In order to do this, we need to spread knowledge through information websites. The most important thing is not being dictated to by those who think they are in control over you.

Together with our own site, linking with other websites is another way we can spread information. With this in mind, we offer some links to other freedom friendly websites. So, if you offer an alternative view in any form, consider linking with us.

We are not affiliated with any of the companies or individuals on this page.


Sleep problems? Try a new approach from Tuck, a community devoted to promoting sleep health awareness. This is our newest friendly website, so give them a try.


If you feel that we have missed any appropriate friendly websites, then please let us know.

Link With Us If You Have A Freedom Friendly Website.

Websites that we consider to be friendly should have suitable content, of course. For example, anything ranging from Lawful Rebellion to Freeman-on-the-Land and similar is considered friendly. On the other hand, links to websites that promote healthy living for the mind, body and soul are also considered suitable.
Freeman Movement links - linking with freedom websites
For example, we may be able to escape from the illusion that ‘one pill cures all’. Should you have a website that could appear on our freedom friendly websites page, let us know. Obviously, you can do this as long as you have a link back to the Freeman Movement.

Freedom Forum

Our large message boards are a place where you can chill out. We welcome everyone from experienced freedom activists to those just starting out on this long journey. Our Freedom Forum has been around for a long time and is very active.

Obviously the chat rooms are a public platform for all. So, if you would like to discuss anything at all, please pop over and have your say. Who knows, maybe you can help others with your contribution!

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