In the first place, we are including a disclaimer just so that there is a little more understanding of things. So, the number one rule we have here is that The Freeman Movement will never give legal advice at any time.

You should not interpret posts on our website as legal advice either, whether implied or not. Moreover, our website is a collection of individual posts by various people, and as far as we know, none of them are legal advisors. Furthermore, each post belongs to those people who write the article. Indeed, we encourage everyone to join in as long as their article is all their own work.

Obviously, you are free to browse The Freeman Movement website whenever you want. Likewise, you are free to leave our website whenever you like. But, if you have anything to add to The Freeman Movement, consider joining us.

We also have a Freedom Forum which may interest you as well. Likewise, you should not use the forum for legal advice, whether implied or not. Again, the Freedom Forum is a public platform just like the mother site here. Therefore, you are free to come and go whenever you like.

Free Man and Free Woman

The Freeman Movement is all about freedom of course. However, you may need to understand that we may not be politically correct. Therefore, we may upset a butch feminist from time to time by using the word, MAN.

  • Definition of man: a human regardless of sex or age.
  • Definition of mankind: the human race.

The Freeman Movement is all about becoming free from stupidity. Since it would be impractical to address men and women individually, everything comes under Freeman. Therefore, the Freeman Movement is what it is – for both free men and free women. Indeed, we will strive for the freedom of all mankind. So, if you also want the same as us, come on in and join us.

We shouldn’t have to include the above in the disclaimer, but it does iron out any problems with the naming of our movement. Of course, feminists are a selfish group of silly women that have a chip on their shoulders. Here, we believe in equality full stop. There is no need for this stupid modern day phenomenon which only exists to divide people. Here, we believe that all people are created equal!

Stupid feminists on the march

Feminist missing the point

Politically Correctness

The Freeman Movement is not politically correct and never will be. This is because political correctness is a means of ruling by fear and intimidation. Since we are a movement trying to seek more freedoms and less fear, our website shall remain politically incorrect for those who wish this. However, we will not turn you away whatever your disposition, as long as you treat our members with respect and honour.

Finally, the Freeman Movement is here for everyone and we don’t discriminate. So, by all means, come along with us on our journey in our attempt to seek freedom.

Disclaimer - The Freeman Movement is for Men and Women - all Mankind

Indeed, we only seek freedom to do as we like as long as we don’t harm others!

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