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This page explains all about us at the Freeman Movement Network.

About Us – Freeman Movement:

The Freeman Movement is here for everyone and is a home for free thinking people. To begin with, we have a team of hard-working people dedicated to freedom. The Freedom Movement also opened our eyes to the deception and corruption all around us. Likewise, we decided to band together to seek change.

In brief, we concluded that we have all been deceived all our lives by tyrants who only have an interest in power. Obviously, to them, money is power! By and large, to become wealthy, the greedy tyrants have systematically empowered us all. So, their enslavement of the people is recognised by us and it’s time we reversed this!

For the most part, globalisation is one of the main causes of slavery and always has been. In essence, those who are in control will continue their relentless campaign that works against us if we let them. For instance, they will continue to enslave the people in order for them to earn more money for their bank accounts.

Because we allow them get away with it, they are getting rich on our blood, sweat and tears. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! To put it differently, it’s about time the people took more control over their lives.

About us - liberty and freedom - the statue says it all

Obviously, people go out to work, even if they don’t like it. Working is fine, but when you do so while the globalists benefit far more than you, that is wrong. To begin with, people have no time to live life to start with. Moreover, they pay their taxes, they watch the brainwashing television and vote for greedy politicians. On balance, those same politicians want the public to have very little freedom. People go along with the system because they have to and it pays the bills!

Join Us:

London - the home of democracy and freedom but for how long?


For one thing, the team here at the Freeman Movement involve ourselves with freedom in every way possible. In effect, our backgrounds stem from Lawful Rebellion to Freeman-on-the-Land. Obviously, our aim is to promote all ideas surrounding freedom. We will do this by providing the medium here and posting interesting articles from time to time.

However, the information and links provided here intend to inform the public and NOT to provide any form of advice. Please remember that each and every one of us have different circumstances. To explain, please read our disclaimer at the bottom of our Home Page.

We are also actively seeking others who love freedom and wish to share with us their knowledge and experience. Please consider joining with us and you can also post in the Freedom Blogs which will help spread the message by reaching out to the public. To put it another way, your information and knowledge might just be what someone else needs to help them in their own struggles, whatever they are.

All in all, the Freeman Movement will provide information, facts and figures, real-life experiences and links to other like-minded websites. We also provide lots of light-hearted content including games for your enjoyment. The management obviously hope you find what you are looking for. But also wish that you can relax and enjoy life to the full – you only live once!
Sydney Harbour Opera House in Australia - freedom and liberty

Freedom Forums

The key to freedom is in our hand - the Freeman Movement - keep the bastards honest

Finally, after reading this ‘about us’ page may we ask you to consider joining the Freedom Forum. The forum is a sister website of The Freeman Movement. Just so you know, we are all on the same wavelength. This blog, and also the forum, covers all the subject matters!
By all means do as you will, but never forget that the New World Order is here. Big Brother IS watching you and that’s a fact! Freedoms we once had have long gone and we are no more than modern-day slaves. But, together we can change things. Join in with us today because it’s not about THEM – it’s about us!

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