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Contact us at The Freeman Movement but please allow a little while for a reply.
We DO NOT offer legal advice – see our Front Page.

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Contact us at the Freeman Movement - also join our freedom forum

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Since we are an information exchange website, we don’t offer any form of advice, legal or otherwise, privately or publicly. However, we provide a public medium in which we can all share information. Furthermore, if you have any relevant information why don’t you share it with the rest of us.

All in all, if you can’t find what you are looking for here, you will elsewhere. In essence, there will be websites suitable for your specific issues. After all, everyone’s situation differs from others and that’s a fact which we can’t escape from. Obviously, don’t give in because the answer is out there and they haven’t banned the internet yet!

In the long run, anything you share with us now, may help others who come here in future. Indeed, our team has been together for years and we have no intentions of leaving the Freeman Movement. So, what we display on our websites will always be available to others at all times.

Just to point out that before you contact us, please ensure that you read the website first. This is because most of our information is already online.

Freedom Forum

If you have problems using the form above, you can always use the Freedom Forums, of course. In fact, we refer most people who contact us to our message boards. This is because we think it’s better to use a public platform on matters such as freedom and Freeman-on-the-Land issues.

Finally, you may tell us if you find broken links or anything else that we need to correct. Above all, if you query demands a reply, please give us a little time to do this.

Contact Us at the Freeman Movement but read the information pages first.

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