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Freedom Songs With A Message - music from the Freeman Movement

Freedom Songs With A Message!

The Freeman Movement presents a selection freedom music videos. These are ‘songs with a message’, of course. Obviously, let us know if you have any suitable songs of freedom you wish to add here.

Magazine – Shot By Both Sides

Bob Marley – Redemption Song

Casting Crowns – Set Me Free

Doctor Who – Song Of Freedom

Tom Robinson Band – Power in the Darkness

Paul McCartney – We All Stand Together

Songs With A Message – An Escape Route

Undoubtedly, music is the international language. By the same token, it can unite people. Of course, governments the world over don’t like people banding together. In fact, divide and conquer is their motto! In contrast, the Freeman Movement aims to unite people. We say stuff the elite!

We can do what we want as long as we harm nobody and we can bloody well sing about anything in a similar vein!

Here, we incorporate a page to display freedom songs and you can add your favourite song too. This could be your best music video with a social message or songs about anything that reminds you of freedom.

The selection of songs we show here are those recommended by our members. By all means, please inform us of any particular song or YouTube channel that frees your mind and soul. Obviously, if it’s about freedom, we will add it to this directory. Furthermore, yours might just help wake others up and break free – you never know!

Your freedom music does not have to have freedom in the title, of course. In fact, music that reminds YOU of being free is all that you need to post here. After all, we all have different opinions about our freedom!

Freedom Music - the international language - set your soul free

Freedom Forum

The Freeman Movement is a hub for free thinking people. Together with the blogs here, we also operate a Freedom Forum. Generally speaking, all freedom issues have their own forums and we cover everything. You can talk about basic freedoms to licenses and the illuminati to the court system. But, you can discuss anything under the sun and even post your freedom music videos there too.

So, whatever level you are at in your quest to be free, let us know in the chat rooms. Moreover, your input just might be enough to help one of the enslaved come on board!

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