Freedom heroes and influential people with an abundance of knowledge in the Freeman Movement

List of freedom heroes and influential people within the Freeman Movement

The Freeman Movement presents some of the most influential people who dare freedom to speak up against the tyrants. Therefore, the selection of individuals that we show here also offer a lot of inspiration to many others. Obviously, if you know of any other heroes or influential people that you think deserve credit, contact us.

We want to know about their contribution to Lawful Rebellion and the Freeman Movement in general. Although, we want to know about anyone feels the need to speak up for freedom.

Freedom Heroes And Influential People:

Influential People - Veronica Chapman FMOTL - Freeman Movement VIPVeronica Chapman – inspiration within The Freeman Movement.
Influential People - Roger Hayes – founder of The British Constitution Group.Roger Hayes – founder of The British Constitution Group.
Influential People - Rob Menard - Freeman on the LandRob Menard – one of the founders of the Freeman-on-the-Land.
Influential People - John Harris - Lawful RebellionJohn Harris – his ‘It’s An Illusion’ speech lives on. RIP.
Influential People - David Icke - Conspiracy Theorist - Freeman MovementDavid Icke – conspiracy theorist who exposed The New World Order.
Influential People - Karl Lentz - freeman in the court systemKarl Lentz – Information about the courts and on Common Law.

Unsung Heroes

Just to point out that we list those who speak up and don’t mind the publicity. However, there are many people in the Freeman Movement who do a lot of work behind the scenes. Indeed, many of us cant put up with the hassle that the publicity brings with it.

Furthermore, take your hats off to those people who have fought for freedom in the past. Indeed, many people came before us and there will be many in the future too. Be that as it may, the influential people we list here are those that don’t mind the limelight right now. Without doubt, they are heroes and some might not even realise this!

To Sum Up

Finally, we are looking to add more people to our list of freedom heroes and influential people. Therefore, if you know of any others and would like to do an article on them, please do so. You can also register and submit a freedom post on the blog or just let us know.

We also have a Freedom Forum for everyone, please join and have your say. In fact, all the subject matters have their own forums. However, it is a forum for everyone as well, so we have a general off topic forums too. Obviously, by contributing here, you are doing your bit to help the enslaved. So, pop over to the Freedom Forum and you can also write about the Freeman Movement’s heroes there too.

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