Don’t Be A Sheeple

What Is A Sheeple? Of course, the definition of sheeple is foolish people who are easily led by a governing power. Sheeple are usually passive and their lives are controlled by others, of course. In this case, it’s the super rich and the governments around the world who are the… Continue reading

Lawful vs Legal

This article is about the Lawful vs Legal argument. They are not the same, in fact they are opposites. However, the argument goes that legal rides on the back of lawful. The Laws To keep things simple, we are going to divide the law up into 3 categories. Then we… Continue reading

Corrupt Court System

The courts are there to ensure that if you break the Common Law, you receive a form of punishment. Likewise, if someone has hurt you or your family in some way, you would like to see them in court. Therefore, the courts are necessary to serve justice when someone breaks… Continue reading

Police Force

We all need an effective police force that should be there to protect us under the Common Law. But the police are not doing their job properly. They have evolved over the years and many coppers are nothing more than tax collectors, and in some cases, a killing machine! We… Continue reading

Money Doesn’t Exist

Money doesn’t exist, or does it? Well, what exactly is money, and more to the point, can we really do without it? Firstly, money is not the paper and metal stuff that we spend. If it was, why then does it say on the banknotes, ‘I promise to pay the… Continue reading

Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right

This is a copy of my Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right. Indeed, it is my own personal copy from around 2012. With this in mind, there may be a few tweaks necessary. However, it served me well and provides a decent enough template. ** Some may… Continue reading

Anarchy Is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word

Here is a new freedom book entitled, ‘Anarchy Is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word’. Obviously the author is Veronica of the Chapman family. ** Click the tools in the top right of the document to download it. Anarchy Is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word Veronica’s First… Continue reading