Veronica Of The Chapman Family

Veronica Of The Chapman Family

AKA Veronica: Chapman.

Veronica Chapman is one of the most influential people in the Freeman Movement. Above all, Veronica has sussed out many of the deceptions in life that we have accepted as the norm.

Her ‘Freeman on the Land’ website (FMOTL) is full of useful information. Moreover, it is one of the best websites available to the Freeman Movement.

In your quest to become free, we suggest that you visit her site forthwith. Also, her in-depth knowledge will really blow your mind.

Obviously, we highly recommend that you take notice of what Veronica has to say.

Veronica Chapman - freeman-on-the-land freeman movement - influential people

Veronica Chapman – FMOTL

As a result, you will understand how much she has actually observed. Furthermore, she explains how and why we have allowed ourselves to become enslaved. In addition, you will also notice how much she has analysed ‘society’. She also offers explanations about how things tick, and why.

Veronica Chapman – A Compassionate Speaker

Nothing has escaped her attention. If there is only one person you should follow in the Freeman Movement, by all means use Veronica Chapman as a role model. In essence, we find it hard to find anyone else who can offer the truth as she does. Her speeches are an inspiration to those with an interest in Lawful Rebellion and freedom in general.

Veronica Chapman FMOTL giving her speech - lawful rebellion - Freeman Movement

Veronica Chapman – inspirational

The following video is a three hour long speech, featuring Veronica Chapman. Obviously, if you have the time, please watch it. Afterwards, you will soon realise how we have all been subject to deception all of our lives. Firstly, she starts with a basic truth to get her point over. Later, she explains how money, legalese, religion and politics are the same thing. In short, she continues by explaining that they are all faith placed in something. Veronica also touches on many other subjects in this video such as the corrupt court system and commercial liens.

This video of ‘The Grand Deception’ is also an ideal starting point for anyone who has just opened their eyes. We also suggest that you send people a link to this page. For instance, if they are looking for freedom, start here.

This video also by Veronica Chapman explains more about being governed.

Here is Veronica scratching the surface of the Freedom Movement.

To sum up

Veronica Chapman is undoubtedly the leader in the freeman movement. As well as her in-depth knowledge she has a good way to project her thoughts over. Anyone lucky enough to witness her speeches will understand this too. From start to finish, it is obvious that Veronica had analysed things early in life too. In general, people outside of the Freeman Movement, haven’t a clue what we are about. In fact, they dismiss everything from the beginning and this is part of the problem. However, Veronica Chapman has the ability to grab their attention from the off.

Veronica Chapman - the number one peson in the Freeman Movement

Top spot for Veronica

Of course, once the sheeple open their eyes, then they begin to realise that something is not quite right. Significantly, we believe that Veronica has opened the eyes of more people that any other in the name of freedom.

With this in mind, the staff here at the Freeman Movement have placed Veronica in the number one spot.

Veronica was also voted the most influential person in the last poll at our website. More importantly, there is nobody even close to toppling her off this perch too.

Veronica’s Books (Updated)

Veronica has also written her own book which you can buy called ‘Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven-Letter Word’. Her book explains in detail that statutes can’t be imposed on you without your consent. Furthermore, should you not accept government legislation, then you are subject only to Common Law jurisdiction.

We highly recommend the book to everyone, obviously Veronica does not profit from this.

By all means, let us know your thoughts on Veronica Chapman. Obviously, you can do that in the comments section below or visit the Freedom Forum and post there.

New Book

Veronica Chapman's book 'Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven-Letter Word - Freeman Movement Tools
In addition to the above book, ‘Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven-Letter Word’, Veronica now has a new publication. This book has the title, ‘Anarchy Is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word’. We now have updated our website to accommodate both of these books. So, to download a copy these freedom books by Veronica of the Chapman Family, click the links below.

01) Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word – click here.

02) Anarchy Is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word – click here.

Freedom Forum

Don’t forget to join in with our massive Freedom Forum which covers all subject matters. There are many sub-forums covering everything under the sun. So, if you have freedom at heart, pop over and have your say!

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10 Responses to Veronica Of The Chapman Family

  1. terry says:

    Dear Veronica
    have been reading your Freedom is more than a 7 letter word essay

    Fantastic…you say you don’t sign any letters but use a stamp
    On the stamp would you put like
    Veronica of the Chapman family
    or just veronica

    When asked to print in capitals I never do cos I know that pisses them off
    Thanks for try to educate the sheep
    I have had so many run ins with idiots when I say I never get a tv licence and the call me names and call me a criminal…is there any hope or are they all to far gone?

    thank you

  2. elliott says:

    Hi Veronica

    Due to the new Public Health (control of disease) act 1984 we have put a letter to the government together. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give it a read and add any advice. if you could drop me an e-mail or a way i could send you the file would be a great. cheers

  3. David Jones says:

    A friend of mine has helped open my eyes to this. I look forward to looking into this deeper myself. And, what I am seeing / hearing, is quite interesting. Thank you for the information!

  4. Jack Walt says:

    I have some Serious Info for Veronica

  5. Barbara Hickey says:

    Sick of what is happening in the world ,such BS. Just trying to stay free. Looking of ways to survive.Would love to follow.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Love what your doing .eager to learn this myself thank you

  7. Philip Larcombe says:

    Thanks for caring enough to share your knowledge.
    I think I’ll be deleting a lot of crap and focussing now.

  8. paul clarke says:

    I have read both books and received all her e mails. I use follow her wisdom daily .

  9. Veritas says:

    Hi all
    Veronica’s fmotl site is not available any longer. It directs you to nothing. Anyone know where it is? Also, there used to be a brilliant site regarding the BOE Vat scam, which can stop admiralty law conmen in their tracks, but that has also been taken down. Indeed, Veronica recommended it on her site too. Any ideas? Cheers all

  10. Veritas says:

    Hi guys, sorry re my previous post – if anyone knows where Veronica’s site is now or why it’s gone, email me. I’ve also got lots of knowledge on this stuff, I will share at some point. But here’s a good one for starters: go to a sort code and account number checking site. In the sort code bit, put in HMRC’s sort code (08-32-10. Then in the account number bit, put your unique council tax id number – viola: it will bring up a further IBAN number…then stick that IBAN number into a IBAN checking site – presto! It belongs to Citibank, which is in the City of London, American owned, of which Blsckrock and Bloombergs are owners. You will also see that the name of the bank account is HMRC Direct Taxes….so the question is – why is your council tax ending up at an American financial consortium’s bank? Did you consent to your personal information being used like this? Ask your council and expect zero response. Incidentally, for any of you who have a student loan with the SLC, the same thing happens if you marry up HMRC sort code with your unique student reference number – it goes to Citibank…
    But here’s my address if anyone wants to chat about this or knows where Veronica’s site is!
    [email protected]

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