Money Doesn’t Exist

Money doesn’t exist, or does it? Well, what exactly is money, and more to the point, can we really do without it? Firstly, money is not the paper and metal stuff that we spend. If it was, why then does it say on the banknotes, ‘I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of five pounds’, for example?

This is suggesting that what you give to the shopkeeper is worth something, but it isn’t actually five pounds. This is because the banknote says that the Bank of England will give you the sum of five pounds when you demand it. Therefore, your banknotes are not money, they are promissory notes. Indeed, they say so, and the message is quite clear.

Many countries have banknotes which don’t explain that they are promissory notes, but they are. The UK has banknotes with this statement while Australia dropped this a while back, possibly to hide the deception.

Golden money word - doesn't exist - it's credit or energy units

What is money?

Money Doesn’t Exist!

If you go to the Bank of England tomorrow and demand your sum of five pounds, what will they give you? Will they give you another five pound note, after all it’s money isn’t it? The thing is, money is not what you think it is. Therefore, you can describe your belief in cash as having ‘faith in the money system’. In this case, the banknotes, or what they clearly are, promissory notes.

But what about if you have money in your bank account, what is it then? Well it’s not money because those notes you deposited in your account were only promissory notes. In this case, you have what you call, credit. But you haven’t got money until the Bank of England gives you it upon demand.

However, the Bank of England will not give you the ‘sum of money’ that you demand. This is because money doesn’t exist, but you can withdraw your ‘money’ when you need it. When you use the cash, all you are doing is passing the promissory notes on to others who also have faith in the system.

In short, those credits you have in your bank account are basically energy units. For example, you worked hard and earned them, by spending your energy creating them. Your bank account increases and you can withdraw some promissory notes to buy things with whenever you want.

So, you have faith in the system, but money can’t exist can it? This is because you never see it or touch it, just a manifestation of it. Therefore, money is just faith in something. We should really call money, ‘energy units’.

Money or rather Promissory Notes - I promise to pay the bearer on demand ...

In reality, these banknotes are just promissory notes – read them!

Borrowing Money

We now know that money is only faith in the energy units that we create, so what if you borrow some of this currency? Well quite simply you will sign an agreement to say that you will work hard and repay the energy units that you borrowed. Then you will spend your energy to create more energy units (money) that you will deposit back into the bank.

For a while, you may have no energy units in your bank account, of course. So, now you could be in debt. This is why your bank account either shows credit or debit. If you are in credit, you have stored your energy units with them. Should you be in debt then you will need to spend your energy to balance your account. If you don’t they will come after you and make demands.

Money Creation

Say you borrow £10,000 to buy a car, the bank can’t lend you anyone else’s ‘energy units’ because that’s the law. So where does the bank get these energy units to give to you? Well, the Bank of England tells you that the banks create the money when you sign your agreement. All they do is increase the borrowers bank balance in their account.

In other words, you create money, but you will have to spend a lot of your time and energy paying it back. But not only that, you pay them a percentage more in interest. Now you have to work hard to repay those energy units you borrowed and work even harder to pay the interest.

Of course, this is a win-win situation for the bankers because they get the money (energy units) that YOU created and more besides! Money doesn’t exist and now that you understand this, save your energy. Save your time to live a life with more freedom. You were born free, not to be a slave to the system.

Slave To The System

Now that you understand that there is no such thing as money and that we just have faith in something, what is the conclusion? In the first place, money is credit for the time we spend working hard (energy units). But there is another twist of course. This is where we pay a proportion of our wages as tax. Therefore, our energy units are going to the government for them to play their power games, and in some cases, drop bombs on innocent children. So, who is really paying for that?

We are nothing but slaves to the system and those that we elect to serve us. Of course there are other taxes such as council tax, VAT, television license and car tax etc. You, like everyone else, just manage to get by, but sometimes you have a little extra to buy an odd luxury item. This is just enough to stop you thinking that you are not a slave, but you are!

When you weigh everything up, you are basically just a slave for the ‘elite’ and ‘super-rich’. Indeed, they will want more from you and will do anything to get it. Think about it, if they are cruel enough to drop bombs on children, they will think nothing about abusing you. Indeed, we live in fear of the system daily, and every day they think about how they can squeeze the life out of you.

Put Up or Shut Up?

After reading this article, it’s clear that you have two choices to make. Continue creating more energy unit to provide more ammunition for your masters, while being a slave of course, or do your bit to starve them of your energy units and become a free man or woman.

It is your sweat units or energy units that is the real currency. The government needs and wants your life and most of your energy units goes in taxes, like it or lump it. Indeed, there are many ways in which you can avoid them stealing a proportion of your life. In other words, choose freedom and prevent the slave-drivers from whipping you into submission.

The super-rich, elite and capitalists want your money and you are a slave to the system
Finally, just remember that the super-rich, globalists and your own government are robbing you of your life or at least a proportion of it. But, you can starve them of this if you like, the choice is yours.

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One Response to Money Doesn’t Exist

  1. Nolan Parker says:

    your banknotes are not money, they are promissory notes. Indeed, they say so, and the message is quite clear.

    If anyone is confused by this, please watch YouTube videos by
    G.Edward Griffin. He has a really good book out. I read the first, another follows.

    I hated having to lay it down to deal with things and couldn’t wait to get back to it.

    The Creature from Jekyll Island.
    I don’t know what differences between the two.
    After reading that book I had occasional to talk with some educated, wealthy people. One guy, a lawyer, asked me about my education and wanted to know how I had learned so much about money, what it is, the difference between money and currency, and the history of the federal Reserve. If you liked Sherlock Holmes, yeah, read it.
    Or just watch the videos.

    Confessions of an Economic Hitman is informative.
    You can, well, you Used to be able to, find enough quotes and reviews to get the message just digging around online.

    Remember in the 80’s when the IMF and WEF were loaning money to dictators in countries that were economically independent? They had Their money, they were self sufficient. Remember the mystery of

    He went into isolation, stole the money, living on an island..
    They were offered loans they didn’t need or want.
    They took the loan
    Or else.
    And paying it off was a death sentence.

    Because the contract pit the country’s infrastructure up for collateral, along with the natural resources.

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