Corrupt Court System

The courts are there to ensure that if you break the Common Law, you receive a form of punishment. Likewise, if someone has hurt you or your family in some way, you would like to see them in court. Therefore, the courts are necessary to serve justice when someone breaks the Common Law, this we all understand. But, it is a corrupt court system!

The Common Law helps humans to live side by side in peace. However, when that peace breaks down, you can ask the courts for remedy. Before you read on, ensure that you have read the differences between Lawful and Legal. There is a massive difference, in fact, you could say that they are an opposite of each other.

We are simplifying things here because otherwise we would have to write thousands of pages. Just remember that if you appear in court for anything that does not come under Common Law, then it will be a civil matter and contracts will be the basis.

The Oaths

Just like our section on The Police, we will start with the oaths of office. Read these because it is important to understand their oaths. Once you understand their oaths, you can play their games far better – and win them!

Magistrates/Judges Oath – “I, …….. , do swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law. ”

In addition to the above oath a judge swears this oath too – “I, …….. , do swear by Almighty God that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second in the office of …….. , and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or ill will.”

Take note of the most important part of their oaths of office that we highlight in red. Indeed, understand those bits and you can win them hands down in most cases.

When judges or magistrates are sitting high up there, it is important to ensure they are acting under their oath. Don’t ask them if they have taken an oath of office because they must have to be in that position. You must ask them, for and on the record, of course, ‘are you willing to stand under your oath while listening to ALL the evidence, considering ALL the evidence and making a final decision’. Then, when you establish this, and only then, will you get real justice.

Innocent or Guilty?

Only you can decide whether you should plead guilty or not guilty of course. However, if you are guilty of breaking the Common Law, then much of the following might not apply to you.

If you have broken the Common Law and want to plead guilty, forget about the oaths of office. This is because you don’t want to stir these people up, especially if what you done is indefensible. So, just plead guilty and show remorse. This way, your sentence may be more lenient and you will leave the court much quicker.

Of course, should you be defending a case under Common Law, don’t involve their oaths either. This is because you don’t want to stir them up and you should have enough evidence necessary to defend yourself properly.

Innocent or guilty in the Corrupt Court System with handcuffs

The Law

In all cases, you must understand the difference between Common Law and Admiralty Law. This is because most court cases do not come under Common Law. This is why the oaths of office are very important for you to remember.

So, the following information is only applicable to all cases which doesn’t involve the Common Law. Of course, Common Law cases are all about Harm, Loss, Fraud and Breach of the Peace ONLY, nothing more and nothing less.

Corrupt Court System

There are many different types of courts which we are familiar with, of course. However, ALL courts should be Common Law courts only. Indeed, there should be no other type of law courts whatsoever. After all, the law is simple to understand and the courts are there to serve justice to human beings who break it. But there are many types of courts and we need to deal with them from time to time.

Common Law Courts are there to serve justice when someone breaks the Common Law. But, because most cases have no relation to Common Law, they are NOT REAL COURTS. Indeed, they are nothing but a place of business for people to rob you of your money. So, take note of this deception in the corrupt court system before we move on.

A Common Law court is what it says it is and we accept this. However, since most cases do not come under Common Law, how can the claimant use the courts? Well, they don’t, it is trickery in order to intimidate you. Everything will look official and even the usher will call you into court number 4 or whatever, but they are NOT Common Law courts.

In other words, it is part of the big deception. It is a system in which they are going to try and take your money off you. So you have to be on your guard and defend yourself against the deceit.

Courts shoule be for Common Law only - not Maritime Law

Doing things in court that they order you to do means you are accepting their authority over you

Court Summons

A court summons is only an invitation to the corrupt court system. So, turn up willingly if you have broke or are defending a Common Law situation. However, in any other situation, attend only under duress. But in all cases, arm yourself with the information you need.

In the section above, you will need to understand that breaking the Common Law is wrong. You can defend your actions if you wish, but you can also show remorse and get it over with. This is fine, but most invitations to court have no real standing. In fact, they could be unlawful. So, you need to stay calm and try and understand why you have an invitation to their ‘court’.

Your invitation to most courts is an invitation to to business with them. You can of course decline their offer, but usually that is a bad move. This is because they want your money and will use all their ‘power’ to get it. So, by not attending, they will make an order in your absence.

Magistrates’ Courts

Almost all criminal cases start in magistrates’ court, but the magistrates’ powers have their limitations. For example, they can only sentence people to a maximum of six months imprisonment. So, in a serious case, the magistrates will refer this to the Crown Court whose powers are greater.

The magistrates court is there to deal with matters on the cheap and usually deal with summary offences. However, they should still deal in Common Law only, but they don’t. So, ensure they are standing under their oath as we describe above. The magistrates will want you to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. If you plead not guilty, then they will arrange a date for a trial.

There is also the ‘no case to answer’ plea if you feel that the prosecution evidence is flimsy.

Criminal v Civil

Breaking the Common Law is a criminal offence, for example, hurting another human being. People go to the Common Law courts, which they all are, and thrash things out. However, what about the civil matters? Also, how are people getting a criminal record for a offences where there is no victim?

Civil matters should not take place in a Common Law court because these are for Common Law cases. But they use their trickery of course, and they use the intimidating surroundings of a court to make it look official. We also assume that those who serve in a court have some form of authority over us. Then, they use the dreaded Legalese!

But, when you have these people standing under their oaths of office, they must uphold the law (Common Law). If you haven’t broke the law, why are you even there? For example, you are up at court for travelling 35mph in a 30 zone at 2am and there is no victim of any sort. What! We did say it was a corrupt court system and they are only after your money.

The Winning Person

A person can be a human being, or in a legal capacity, a person can be a company. So, in court we have a case, Thieving Gas Company v John Smith. John has ensured that the judge or magistrates are standing under their oaths, John should now win his case. This is because, their oaths are ‘according to law and there is only one law – Common Law. So, there is no victim in John’s case, why is he even in court?

In a higher court, John would clearly win his case as well. This is because, their oaths say quite clearly, ‘I will do right to all manner of people‘. The plural of person is persons and NOT people, so the judge must do right by John. After all, the Thieving Gas Company can’t come under the grouping of people, but they can come under the grouping of person.

This court scam is widespread and it’s just a business. The judges can rent a room in a court and they make money from your misery. Indeed, it is in their interest to ensure that the Thieving Gas Company wins. The odds are not in your favour in these fake courts. But, they look like a court don’t they!

Of course, people fighting those that are just after your money will need courage and determination. Indeed, they are going to make it difficult for you every step of the way. You are a free man, but they will make you look like a slave – fact!

To Sum Up

This section on law is a minefield. So, we have only put down the basics. It’s clear that the Common Law courts do help to keep law and order. However, all the rest of the corrupt court system is going to work against you from the word go because they just want your money. The law is a massive subject, so if you need to start a topic in the Freedom Forum, please do so here.

Finally, the Freeman Movement never gives legal advice at any time, nor does it imply so. Indeed, all our posts are the works and thoughts of individual people. You are free to read our posts or leave the Freeman Movement website at any time.

Money wins in court but you lose most times - scales of injustice
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