David Icke

Conspiracy Theorist

In case people have been walking around with blinkers for decades, David Icke is a British writer who dares to speak out against the globalist elite. In effect, David has took on the most powerful people on Earth, head on. With this in mind, he certainly is a hero and an influential person within the Freeman Movement.

To explain further, David says he is a “full-time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world”. Obviously, he isn’t a friend of the global elite!

In fact, many people refer to him as the number one conspiracy theorist. For example, David looks into things that the ordinary person just can’t see as they are blindly going through life.

David Icke - Conspiracy Theorist - New World Order - Zionism

David Icke – Conspiracy Theorist

Icke previously worked as a television sports presenter for the BBC and was also a spokesman for the Green Party in the UK too.

A Great Presenter

His experience in broadcasting, together with his prolific writing skill, ensures that David is more than capable of getting his message across. Also, his in-depth analysis of everything from the Illuminati to 9/11 will grab your attention from the first minute you hear him, such is his charisma. In short, David presents another side to what we are led to believe. He is obviously one of the greatest Truth Seekers in the world today.

In effect, David Icke’s appearance on the BBC’s ‘Wogan’ chat show brought his ideas to the attention of the public in 1991. Here is the full interview:

To clarify, in his first interview on the Wogan show, David was a little reserved. However, he remained calm throughout the mockery that pursued and managed to get his points over. Many years later, Wogan re-interviewed Icke. However, in this interview, David absolutely destroys Wogan and makes sure that he remains in control:

Additionally, we show one final video where David Icke speaks about subjects that other people dare not tread. In this video David speaks also about Rothschild Zionism.

David Icke’s youtube channel.
His website is here.
His Wikipedia page.

David Icke – The Survivor

Just to point out that The Freeman Movement stands in awe at the way David Icke presents his work. For instance, he is articulate and consistent. Furthermore, he has survived against all odds, over many decades. Conversely, he is certainly not the flavour of the month with governments around the world. In essence, the New World Order controls governments and David exposes that fact.

The banks, and the few families that actually control the world, such as the Rothschilds, would be glad to see the back of him. But, David Icke is a great survivor who has already opened the eyes of the public.

David Icke - Conspiracist New World Order (NWO) and truth seeker
David Icke’s contribution to the Freeman Movement has been dramatic and will remain an important piece of the Freedom jigsaw.

To Sum Up

What are your thoughts about David Icke - the truth seeker and conspiracy theorist
Although David Icke has been around for an age, he never sways from his beliefs. You can also share your thoughts about David Icke here at The Freeman Movement too.

Obviously, you can start a post in the Freedom Forums at any time. Our massive Freedom Forum covers all Lawful Rebellion issues as well as all the other subject matters. Indeed, the conspiracy forum is separate as is the illuminati forum. In fact, we have included an off-topic section for all to join in. So, pop over today and have your say!

With this in mind, you can share your experiences and possibly help others become free. Finally, you must think freedom 24/7 and never give in!

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