John Harris

John Harris was an influential person within the Freeman-on-the-Land movement in Great Britain. He was also founder of The Peoples United Community.

As a speaker, John was always confident and articulate too. So much so, that he has given many passionate speeches. His work includes the fine presentation of ‘It’s An Illusion’ which has also set a benchmark for other free thinkers to emulate.

Furthermore, it is often used as a taster for those who have just set out on their quest to become free from enslavement.

John Harris - influential people in the freeman movement

Rest In Peace

Sadly, in mid 2015, John Harris took his own life. However, John made such an impact in the Freeman Movement through his commitment, that he will never be forgotten. You can of course tell us your thoughts and memories of John here. Obviously you can open a thread in our Freedom Forums which covers all Lawful Rebellion and Freeman-on-the-Land topics etc.

Here is John Harris with his full length speech ‘It’s an Illusion’ from 2009.

To emphasize, John pays a lot of attention to detail in the video. For example, he explains how we have become nothing more than slaves to the system. John also highlights how we have given away our inalienable God-given rights. He also tells us the result of humans connecting with a birth certificate, their legal fiction.

By doing this, he continues, we are surrendering ourselves to the control of the government in effect. On the whole, the video clearly shows how John was passionate about what he believed in at the time. In fact, it is a fine example of how one man can easily get the message over.

John Harris on being a Freeman of England.

Here is John Harris’ last interview on internet radio.

John Harris – His Legacy

John had drama in his life, just like we all surely have. However, he had charm and charisma. In brief, it was because of depression that his life was cut short. However, John has left his legacy with us and we thank him for that. In the UK, as in many other countries around the world, he has left his mark. Because of this, he has influenced many people. So, people in the Freeman Movement will always appreciate his efforts.

Lawful Rebellion is a peaceful movement and John was a peaceful man too. Likewise, we must all soldier on in this manner in our quest for freedom. Furthermore, we should not allow John’s work for the Freeman Movement to have been in vain. To repeat, his witty presentations are a pleasure to witness. We are sure that his videos will continue to inspire many more people in the future. Finally, we take our hats off to one of the Freeman Movement’s most influential people.

Rest in peace.

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4 Responses to John Harris

  1. Kate Pakenham-Walsh says:

    I have just watched his film ‘it’s an illusion’ it wasn’t on this site so I had no idea John was no longer with us ? I wanted to watch and hear more from him as I was so captivated by his genuine persona, his humility. I’m so sad to hear now he’s gone but I’m so pleased I’ve had the opportunity to listen to his work!! Listening to his radio interview I truly understand his emotional state of mind regarding mankind. Once you open Pandoras box of the truth as he says about 911 it does seriously mess with your head! It’s such ashame he wasn’t stronger in his mind but we do live in an extremely sick world and as we now know in 2020 he was right about how disturbing the deep state is!!
    My husband Ric is suffering the very same frustration and they both suffer with the inability to explain to people family friends the truth of the Deception!
    It must have been such a difficult interview but given the sad outcome, no doubt a privilege ? RIP John Harris ?❤️

  2. Sherri says:

    The videos are no longer available on these links. Are these available any where else?

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