Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word

This page shows the 168 page ebook, ‘Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word’ and you may download it too. Obviously the author is Veronica of the Chapman family.

** Click on the top right of the book if you wish to download it.

Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word

In short, Veronica allows us to promote her book as she does not intent to profit from it. However, it is available to buy on Amazon.

Any profits that do come her way goes to Veronica’s Freeman Movement causes. So, if you pop over to Amazon, you can buy the physical book for yourself.

But, you can also download Veronica’s Freedom ebooks here for free if you don’t have the ability to buy it.

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Veronica of the Chapman Family (Author)

Veronica of the Chapman family has always put her head above the parapet, of course. She has never been afraid to challenge authority. For a long time, Veronica has been educating people how to become free while taking a lot of flak. It’s time we all stood up to the tyrants who are only after your money. Ask yourself, what are you doing for freedom?

Veronica’s New Book

In addition to this Freedom book, we have here, Veronica has a new book which is available right now. Her new book has the title, ‘Anarchy Is More That A Seven Letter Word’. Of course, it’s free and you can download it at the Freeman Movement – here.

Freedom Forum

Finally, why not join in with our online community at the Freedom Forum. We have been around and active for many years so pop over and have your say. You can discuss any of Veronica Chapman’s freedom books or any other matter you choose. Our message boards also allow you to better socially-interact with other like-minded people.

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One Response to Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven Letter Word

  1. :john says:

    Hi Veronica,

    Loving the book its an excellent work, may I ask a aquestion that I feel is of great interest and importance, especially as far as the money side of things is concerned?

    From my training and some of the insights in your book I understand the 3 different types of money that exist. What I am trying to nail down though is where does it actually state that

    a) The UK is bankrupt, I have read this in many places and I know in the US House Joint Resolution 192 states this and says no debt can be paid only discharged, does HJR192 cover the UK as well or is there somewhere I could find it in a UK form?, I have tried looking in the bills of exchange act 1882 and the Bills of rights (UK) but could not see it in those 2 documents.

    b) When you say that if a valid form of debt discahrge is used like a Promissory note (Money of Account) and the recipient does not accept it, that means that there must have been no debt in the first place. Again do you know of a bill/act/or anything else where I could check this fact. I have looked in the Bills of exchange 1882 and the bill of rights and again I cant see it in there?

    Many Thanks for your time and your wonderful book Veronica.

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