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Social media freedom connections – a small window of opportunity

Usually, social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, offer a great medium in which to share information. Nowadays though, there are tighter controls. In fact, many believe that we only have a small window of opportunity left. With this in mind, use them while you can to share the freedom message. The following two links are to other selected links pages on our website.

Social Media Freedom Connections

Alternate Videos – add yours if you have your own YouTube channel.
Freedom Music – let us know if you have freedom music links to share.

As well as YouTube and Facebook there is internet radio and TV etc.
Contact us if you think others would also benefit from a link to any form of media.

The Power Of Social Media

Obviously, all forms of freedom material are acceptable at the Freedom Movement. We are looking for anything from alternative medicine and healthy living to Lawful Rebellion and Freeman-on-the-Land information. The aim is to help enslaved people who want to break free. To explain further, the tyrants, who think they have great power, are controlling the masses. The people who blindly follow these power hungry pigs have the nickname ‘sheeple‘.

There are alternative ways of living while still being attached to the system. In this case, as a human being, you are entitled by right, to be free. In order to be free you should have freedom to choose, freedom to associate and freedom of speech. Of course, we should be able to do all this without fear. But, those in power, do just that – control the people through fear!

Therefore, it is time for change. Indeed, it’s time to break free from those chains that bind the masses together in fear. In short, the tyrants have enslaved us all. This is because they want us to believe in their ways of living, and with that, make them even more money. Their friends in the media are helping them to do this, especially the brainwashing machine called the television.

Freedom on youtube, facebook and twitter

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are an ideal way to spread freedom.

Help Us To Help The Enslaved!

While we still enjoy a certain degree of freedom, why not help us to educate the people. For instance, we can do this with social media which suffers from less regulation at this time. Furthermore, if you have, or plan to share information this way, let us know. Our pages on social media freedom connections can be a great tool to help others.

Freedom Forum

The Freedom Forum is also a place to consider in order to help others become free. Our message boards are a great way to socially interact with other freedom-minded people. In our massive forum we also cover all subject matters. However, we still would like your input here for the more informative posts.

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  1. Robin Naffziger says:

    I would like to register to learn more about my freedoms and rights.

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