Roger Hayes

Roger Hayes is the founder of The British Constitution Group which is campaigning for the restoration of Britain’s ancient constitution. He is also a former parliamentary candidate of the Referendum Party. In addition, he has been a member of UKIP. Furthermore, European law forced upon the British people, according to Roger, is unconstitutional.

The British Constitution Group still exists, but Roger Hayes now leads The British Campaign Group (BCG) also.

However, on his BCG website, the campaign against the Banks has become prominent. For instance, it explains how the banks ‘own us’.

Influential People - Roger Hayes - hot on the banks - Freeman Movement

In any event, Roger Hayes has certainly caused a stir in these companies. Also, Roger’s ‘Mass Action Against the Banks’ campaign has highlighted that under English Law, the banks have used inappropriate legislation to seize people’s homes.

Roger continues to bring our attention this crime against humanity and how people can stand up to corrupt institutions too. By standing up for what is right and just, the people can win back their power, in effect. But, to do nothing means that you are consenting.

So, here is a video where Roger is talking about the banks and the courts. In short, the system that wielded its ‘power’ upon us are now afraid of the truth that Roger has discovered.

Roger also talking about debt, Bank Fraud, Promissory Note and Letters to Bank.

Roger Hayes – The Leader

Roger was, and still is, in the forefront of the Freeman Movement. His relentless campaign against corruption, for instance, will help us all to finally expose exactly what is going on within the filthy corporations. These ‘companies’ will be exposed for what they are too

Roger Hayes - campaigns against the banks and corruption

To clarify things, ordinary people tied to the banks, don’t realise they have unwittingly gave their souls to them. But, as soon as things go slightly wrong, they wake up to the fact. Likewise, people quickly realise how the banks and other corrupt organisations have been controlling them. People are little more than ‘energy units’ for the money lenders.
When people are on the receiving end of their ‘power’, they soon realise that. However, little by little we are chipping away at these corrupt organisations, and Roger still leads the way.

To Sum Up

All things considered, hats off to Roger Hayes for putting his head above the parapet. He is very brave man indeed. Particularly when you consider that anyone who dares to fight the banks really does have the world against them! With this in mind, Roger has a good reputation in the Freeman Movement. Register and show your appreciation or join the Freedom Forums and make a post.

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